American Sniper Association Recommends That You Re-think Sniper Ammunition Choices.

Most law enforcement and military snipers rely on the .308 175 grain or 168 gr boat tail hallow point (BTHP) ammunition. For military operations where targets are more hardened the BTHP provides the needed penetration to take down a target. In military applications, over penetration is not an entirely undesirable byproduct; however, where law enforcement is concerned over penetration means an innocent bystander or fellow officer is at risk.

In a well written piece, Capt. Ed Allen, an NTOA Board Member, suggests that departments rethink sniper ammunition. In his article, he recommends that snipers evaluate and consider the use of match grade ballistic tip ammunition in lieu of BTHP. Most BTHP ammunition is intended for target shooting performing poorly in human tissue.

For details and specific recommendations regarding ammunition brands and test results, read the 2013 ASA PSUR or contact your regional ASA representative at

You can read Capt. Allen’s article here.

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