ATN Unveils The ATN X-Sight Rifle Scopes.

The ATN X-Sight ships in 3-12x and 5-18X configurations. The X-Sight rifle uses a low-light HD sensor to provide a high quality, high resolution image. The X-Sight operates using menu driven software that allows the user to choose from several options and settings to customizing the optic to a specific application. The system also allows the user to select a number of reticle options as well as reticle color best suited for the lighting conditions.

The X-Sight includes an IR illuminator and a high-power digital zoom from 3x to 12x in the 3-12x model and 5x to 18x in the 5-18x.

The ATN X-Sight Rifle Scopes are available in two models; the ATN X-Sight 3-12x and the ATN X-Sight 5-18x. MSRP is $599.00 for the 3-12x and $699.00 for the 5-18x scope.

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