Top n Theories (where n is any real or imaginary number) CNN Has Yet To Put Forth On The Disappearance Of MH370

Two weeks ago, we published our hypothesis on what we thought happened to Malaysia Air, MH370. I speak in all candor when I say I’ve never seen a more amateurish handling of a very tragic event. I can only begin to imagine the frustration and heartache family members and loved ones must be dealing with. I am also completely floored by the insensitivity of the media, and how little space family members and loved ones of the missing have received.

Any good mystery, and MH370 falls squarely in that space, inspires conjecture and an abundance of hypothesis, that’s only human.  Leading the pack of hypothesis generators is unquestionably CNN who’s covered the event 24 x 7; however,  we feel they’ve missed, or are holding back, a number of theories. So, being that it’s the start of the weekend and that laughter is good for the soul, we’ve come up with…

Top “n” Theories (where “n” is any real or imaginary number) CNN Has Yet To Put Forth On The Disappearance Of MH370.

10. Evil Spirits Took Control Of The Flight Computer.

9. Solar Flares Blinded The Pilots.

8. Bad In-flight Menu Created Passenger Gas Problem Blowing Out Windows Causing Rapid Decompression.

7. Pilot Married To Jewish Woman Was Tired of Living.

5. Malaysian Pilot Union Called A Strike.

4. Pilots Left Flight Deck To Check Out A Couple Of Sheilas.

3. After A Night Of Partying Pilots Fell Asleep At The Controls.

2. Co-pilot Heard Of A Nudist Colony At Port-aux-Français

1. Pilots Scored Two Sheilas And Offered To Show Them The Throttles.

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