Promtechnologii’s ORSIS T-5000 Plans For Upgrade

ORSIS T-5000 Rifles

In the 90’s, the Russian small arms industry made a departure from the ubiquitous SVD to the SV-98. It was Russia’s Izhmash Arsenal that first took a swag at producing a bolt action high precision sniper platform. The SV-98 kept the  7N14 7.62X54R sniper load used in the Dragunov variant.

In late 2011, Russia’s Promtechnologii introduced the Tactical Sniper Rifle ORSIS T-5000. The new rifle was chambered in .308, .300 WinMag and .338 Lapua Magnum, giving the T-5000 an effective range spread from 800 meters to 1500 meters depending on the caliber selected. The new T-5000 was built on a fully adjustable aluminium chassis. Even with its heavy barrel and proprietary muzzle brake the T-5000 weighed less than 13 lbs. Promtechnologii chose the Russian-made scope, the DH 5-20×56, developed by the Moskva Company Dedal-NV.


Representatives from Prometechnologii recently announced in Kuala Lampur that the T-5000 will see chamberings  in .408 Chey Tac and .375 Snipe Tac

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