UK Based Steel Core Designs Debuts SC-127 Thunderbolt Tactical Rifle At Kuala Lumpur.

SC-76 Thunderbolt Rifle

UK based manufacturer of precision sniper platforms with a focus on Special Operations Forces introduced the SC-127 Thunderbolt precision rifle to DSA attendees at the Kuala Lumpur exhibition.

The SC-127 is chambered in 12.7 x 99 (.50 BMG) and boasts an effective range of up to 2000 meters. The company plans to introduce the Thunderbolt rifles in the U.S. An official date has been released but I think it’s reasonable to expect a showing at SHOT SHOW 2015 in Las Vegas.

Presently, the Thunderbolt is available in 7.62 x 51, 8.6 x 70 (.338 Lapua) and 12.7 x 99 (.50 BMG); SC-76, SC-86 and SC-127 respectively.

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