AR Tools From Magpul Industries

AR DIYs will have more options in their choice of assembly and disassembly tools for their AR project. Magpul Industries has announced two new products, MAGPUL ® ARMORER’S WRENCH – AR15/M4 and BEV™ BLOCK – AR15/M4.

273_1411_thumbThe Armorer’s wrench is available now at an M.S.R.P. of $79.95 and it has some pretty interesting features.

  • Solid steel construction with grip-enhancing phosphate finish.
  • Engages both stock and pin-style barrel nuts.
  • Fits standard sized flash hiders.
  • Installs and removes rifle receiver extensions and carbine castle nuts, with extended teeth for use with ASAP plates.
  • Two hammer faces.
  • Works with 1/2″ torque wrench, relevant torque specifications included on Wrench for quick reference.
  • Convenient Bottle Opener for refreshments after the build is complete (fits both Metric and SAE bottle caps.)

The BEV Block will be available later in the year. No M.S.R.P has been released but I’d estimate $25 to $35.

  • The BEV Block (Barrel Extension Vise) is an all-in-one, compact vise block tool for AR assembly operations of barrel nuts, flash hiders, etc.
  • Mounts securely in a vise and provides support for both billet and forged upper receivers.
  • Engages barrel extension with solid steel lugs and full length support shank to prevent flexing.
  • Steel hardness is optimized for durability yet won’t damage barrel extension, and Magpul Polymer for all other engagement surfaces to protect aluminum receiver.
  • O-ring post uses bolt carrier for additional stability and included Pin keeps upper in proper position.
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