High Speed Gear Introduces Two New TACOs



My favorite high speed nylon manufacturer has just introduced 2 new TACOs to their line.

First is the Extended Pistol Taco® shown on the left will accommodate a baton, high-cap pistol and SMG magazines, large flash light or just about anything that needs a pouch and retention systems longer than a pistol Taco. Dimensions: 1.75″H x 1.2″W x 6.25″ L. The Extended Pistol Taco sells for $28  and is available now.

Second is the HCM Taco®, High Capacity Rifle Mag Pouch, shown on the right. This new pouch works well with the Surefire 60 and 100 round magazines as well as the Saiga shotgun magazines and even a radio. Dimensions: 3″H x 1.2″W x 5″ L. The HCM sells for $35 and is available now.

If you’ve never tried any of the HSGI Taco’s you need to do that and experience for yourself what a truly well designed magazine pouch will do for you.

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