Marines Don’t Want To Exchange Pay For Kit…

I want to share a piece published this morning in’s Kit Up “Grunts Don’t Want to Exchange Pay Raises for New Kit” by Matthew Cox, May 5, 2014 · It is unredacted.  It points to a greater issue, which is how do you deal with increasing personnel costs and still maintain troop levels to support present and future commitments. Suggesting that Marines are willing to exchange pay for kit seems like a poor way to rationalize the need for controlling personnel costs to service members. I think most of our service men and women are mature, and wiser than we give them credit for.

Survey2014-ControversialTestimonyU.S. combat troops know the importance of quality kit, but don’t take their pay raise away to pay for it. published the results of its pay-and-benefits survey today. It showed that nine out of 10 active-duty service members oppose the Pentagon’s proposals to reduce their pay raises and basic allowances for housing.

Responses from more than 8,400 service members, their spouses, veterans and retirees show overwhelming opposition to the Pentagon’s recommendations to curb personnel costs by reducing military benefits to include pay, housing, commissary stores and health care. Troops also resoundingly rejected suggestions from the top brass that pay raises aren’t “on their minds.”

Sgt. Maj. of the Marine Corps Michael Barrett told Congress recently that his Marines would prefer better equipment and training versus a 2 percent pay raise and protected benefits. Barrett also said “Marines don’t run around [asking] about compensation, benefits, retirement modernization. That’s not on their minds.”

Almost all of the active-duty respondents — 96 percent — said they disagreed with such comments.


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