Laser Devices Inc. Now A Division of Steiner-Optik

As many of you already know, LDI, became part of the Beretta Holdings family in 2013. Also part of Beretta Holdings is Burris Optics. For a relatively short period of time, Burris handled commercial sales of LDI’s civilian product line; marketed as AR-DBAL, AR-SPIR, AR-Laser and two others. Effective immediately, Burris has divested its product portfolio of LDI items.

However, as part of the acquisition structure LDI became a division of Steiner-Optik (Steiner), also a Beretta Holdings company. So, all LDI civilian/commercial and law enforcement sales will be handled by Steiner-Optik. LDI will continue to sell into the military markets.

Beretta Holdings’ longer term objective is the creation one electro-optics division offering a comprehensive line of weapon aiming technologies to a combined market of military, law enforcement and commercial customers globally. Although no mention has been made of Burris Optics in the restructuring, it seems reasonable, given Beretta’s long term objective, to see Burris folded into the planned electro-optics division.

Going forward, all commercial and law enforcement sales of LDI’s products will be transacted through Steiner-Optik, and existing LDI dealers will be expected to become Steiner-Optik dealers as part of this process. Military customers will continue to be served by Laser Devices Inc.

In the next few days, a press article will be released announcing that Steiner’s North American distribution network will handle sales of LDI products to dealers for the domestic commercial and law enforcement markets. LDI will continue direct sales of products for the US military and international markets only. The transition will occur within the month of May 2014.


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