Area Commanders Speak Of Their Needs At SOFIC 2014


Lt. Gen Joseph L. Votel, Commander JSOC; RDML Brian L. Losey, Commander NSWC; BG Kurt L. Sonntag, Deputy Commanding general USASOC; Lt.Gen Eric E. Fiel, Commander AFSOC and Maj Gen Mark A. Clark, Commander MARSOC addressed a packed auditorium outlining their needs to meet the growing SOF commitments.

At the top of that list is a desire for improved intelligence capabilities. Current systems and technologies are effective at detection but fall short, in the panel’s view, at predictive analysis. Special Operations Forces need predictive intelligence to improve accuracy and mitigate the risk of collateral damage.

The second requirement on the Commander’s lists are language and cultural training. In order to leverage Global SOF, US Special Operations Forces need to develop, and or acquire, the language and cultural proficiencies necessary for SOF personnel to interact effectively with their host countries.

Although there have been huge gains in mobility over the years signature and foot print reduction systems and technologies remain inadequate.

The CV-22 remains an important asset in the SOF resource pool and enhancing its capabilities continues to be a priority.

Gen Clark, MARSOC Commander expressed, although not explicitly, a need for additional resources. It was clear, at least to me, from his presentation that MARSOC is overtaxed and some relief is needed.

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