Systems Technology Inc. Demonstrates PARASIM Virtual Reality Simulator


PARASIM is a virtual reality parachutist training simulator that is presently shaving costs for the DoD. The device uses a series of stanchions to support and elevate the trainee, to simulate a free fall or static line jump. The virtual reality goggles allow the trainee to look up at his or her canopy, look from side to side for his team mates or look below at the ground. Terrain and environmental conditions like high winds aloft can be simulated as well as emergency conditions. Speaking as one who has been through the simulator more than once, I can attest to it’s realism. PARASIM is expandable so if your trainees need to jump as a squad you can readily do so. It’s also a good dress rehearsal tool. The business side of a PARASIM installation is that it allows the organization to increase the frequency and complexity of training; concurrent with that, the organization can keep live jumps to the minimum requirement achieving significant savings. PARASIM supports all military canopies including the new T-11.

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