LWRC’s M6IC-PDW 5.56mm


The PDW concept was long overdue but it’s here and is now broadly accepted. The need for a compact CQB security centric weapon system is undeniable. Historically, that meant scaling down to pistol caliber SMGs. Although I have no ax to grind with pistol caliber sub-machine guns, there are measurable benefits to full power rifle calibers in a compact package and this is precisely what you’ll find with LWRC’s M6IC-PDW in 5.56mm.

The M6IC-PDW comes in an 8.5” 1:7 twist barrel using a gas-piston operating system. The lower receiver is fully ambidextrous; it also features a monolithic rail system. The rifle comes with a Magpul grip, and LWRC collapsible front and rear BUIS.

I spoke to LWRC in regards to availability of separate upper and lower receivers but as of this writing there’s no plan to do that. The M6IC-PDW has a receiver extension and buffer that is customized for the stock and upper receiver. M.S.R.P. is $2440 + $200 stamp. I was very impressed with the overall look and feel of the system. The M6IC-PDW semiautomatic or selective fire makes for an excellent addition to the tool bag.

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