Surefire’s SF Ryder .22 Cal Suppressor Close-up…


Spent some time in Surefire’s exhibit for SOFIC 2014 taking a close look at the company’s latest suppressor offering. Chuck happened to have an SF Ryder installed on a Glock conversion so checking the entire setup was nice. First of, someone at Surefire did not sleep through their analytic geometry class. One of several reasons the suppressor attenuates so well is its larger internal volume. Second of course, is the baffle stack which looks like it went to Rolex for machining. DSC_1328

It’s quite obvious that Surefire designers had the end-user in mind when they conceived the Ryder line of suppressors. Disassembly for maintenance, or curiosity, requires no excess of mechanical acuity. The silencer ships with the disassembly tool which is keyed to fit the end cap, twist and you’re home free. Surefire has even gone to the extent of labeling the components of the stack so they can be easily reassembled after cleaning. So, if you’re only half awake you should be able to do this with no trouble at all. If you still can’t figure it out, give it to your kid and let them clean it for you. It is that simple!

As of this writing there is not quick attach / detach option for the SF Ryder, the suppressor is thread mounted with 1/2 x 28 stainless attachment point. Fit and finish is top shelf throughout.

M.S.R.P. for the SF Ryder 22-A is $469, which is higher than the competition but you should be able to improve on that with some shopping around. ATF is running right around 9 months to turn around a Form 4 so early adopters will need to wait a few more months still before they have one in-house.

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