HK’s MP7A1 In A Modular Drop Leg System


Irrespective venue, if HK has a booth I’m in it. The big draw for me is not their line of excellent long guns but the HK MP7A1. I love their little blaster, and its pugnacious 4.6x30mm round. Knowing the German mindset, I have to believe that when HK’s designers sat down to build the MP7 they looked into the future and envision something more than porting the gun at the low or high ready, thus the 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock rails had a grander purpose. As it turns out, they do. The MP7A1 can be accessorized with a polymer drop leg and torso system that allows the user to carry the weapon slung from the shoulder or in a drop leg configuration “a la pistolet.” The 9 o’clock or 3 o’clock rails slide into a channel molded into the polymer frame; locking the weapon in place securely. All of the secret squirrel rags and “operator” (hair wax, tattoos and shaved heads) magazines like to talk about the covert and concealability aspect of this arrangement, I’ll take the more pragmatic approach by focusing on how effective the configuration is for folks working in vehicles or other confined spaces. Just between you and me, if you wear an MP7A1 anywhere on the torso you will have printing, or a jacket large enough to make you look like a complete buffoon. For me, icing on the cake would be a pivot point allowing for squatting with a small degree of rotation. Having said that, I close with 10 thumbs-up for this configuration.

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