SHOXs Shock Mitigation Technology


One of SOCOM’s priorities on the Maritime side of the house was shock mitigation for the passengers and crew on SOC-R boats. SHOXS had an interesting array of shock absorbing seats at SOFIC 2014. There is a considerable amount of sophistication that goes into these DSC_1662seats, for example instrument consoles, which are integral to the seat and can be manufactured to fit any instrument cluster.

Marine designers have a unique challenge with planing hulls and most of the effort to address shock mitigation has focused on hull designs. Seating suspension systems typically rely on  a passive suspension to absorb shock imparted to crews and passengers from hydrodynamic interaction with the hull. SHOXS seats use a semi-active suspension system, which is a computer based approach that adjusts suspension parameters for varying conditions. Occupant weight is also considered in the operation of the seat resulting in a broader dampening or shock absorption across a wide array of conditions.



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