What Is Happening To CNN?

cnnWhen Ted Turner launched CNN back in 1980 he created a unique organization that quickly became the recognized purveyor of news around the globe; radically different from the CNN of today. I have to believe that Jeff Zucker is the only one watching and he probably has multiple T.V. sets in his house on individual cable subscriptions. Good grief people! First it was MH370; round the clock nothing but MH370. There had to be people on the production side of the house slashing their wrists when the incident began to subside. Could it have been exploited to a greater degree? I think not. That was followed by the genetic defect mass killings in Isla Vista. So what’s next? I can certainly answer that for you, why its Anthony Bourdain  Parts Unknown. I won’t get into any discussion of what parts the title refers to, but I would certainly consider a title change to Freeloader. All this guy does is eat! I happen to know a little about Jeff Zucker and he has to be sitting there holding on to his head saying Oy Vey! If it weren’t for the International Channel, they would be out on Peachtree panhandling. Jeff, prey that Wolf Blitzer doesn’t decide to retire or succumb to old age. Take out an insurance policy on Wolf before it’s too late. You should also bonus the hell out of the anchors and correspondents, producers et al on the International side because they are paying the bills.

I have a closing comment for Ted Turner. We almost met in San Francisco. More specifically San Francisco Bay. YOUR boat, Merlin was on a port tack and I was coming back from Tiburon, in a sloop, on a starboard tack. Did Merlin fall off and extend the right of way – OH NO, I had to. I absolutely hope that you were not at the helm on that day and instead you had some polyester clad minor functionary on the wheel. Ted, I love what you did with the CNN concept now figure out a way to resuscitate it.



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