Brownell’s AR15 32 Round 9mm Magazine


The 9mm AR15 pattern rifle, or SMG, has a large user base in both the commercial and law enforcement communities. One of the frustrations for owners has been finding alternatives to the Colt manufactured 32 round stick magazines, which are currently priced at a princely sum of $60, if you can find them in stock.

Until recently, the alternative has been a magazine of poorer quality, construction and reliability. The solution is always send the magazine back and we’ll send you a new one, and after several iterations of that you may end up with a set of magazines that do what they are supposed to do. Unacceptable…

I want to alert readers to Brownell’s AR15 32 round 9mm magazines. As of this writing, they represent the best value on the market at an M.S.R.P. of $34.99. The quality of these magazines are on par with Colt’s and superb reliability; they also function perfectly with the COLT 9mm LULA’s. So if you’re on the market for AR15 9mm magazines that give nothing up to the Colt product, Brownell’s AR15 9mm magazines are the route to take.

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