Streamlight’s New TLR-VIR For Pistols and Sidewinder


I stopped off to see my favorite lighting folks, while at SOFIC 2014, only to discover  the new TLR-VIR for pistols. This new weapon mounted light provides visible and IR illumination in a form factor that is exactly the same as the TLR-1. So, if you’ve had a holster molded for your Beretta M9 with a TLR-1, that investment is preserved. Unlike the older TLR-VIR model, the IR illuminator on this light is behind the reflector. Another subtle difference is the inclusion of a source selector switch at the bottom of the light as opposed to the traditional Streamlight toggle on the back of the light. I like that approach because it makes it very easy to select white light or IR illumination without breaking your grip. Based on Matt’s input, the new TLR-VIR will not have the Streamlight logo engraved on the body, which was interesting.

I had a friend in Miami who was the owner of Universal Firearms. Those of you that have been around the firearms business for a while know that Universal Firearms manufactured M1 carbines. In one of our many shoot the breeze sessions, Abe told me that on several occasions he received government requests for unserialized and unbranded carbines.

Streamlight also introduced a new version of their hugely popular Sidewinder…


Note that this is the same Sidewinder body, design, function, etc. but it has a slider with a lens, which when placed over the lights reflector provides the wearer with a light source that’s visible 360°. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m still warming up to the slider concept but by God it is functional and does not to the price of the unit. The jury is still out on this one.

One final comment on Streamlight. Look for lumens to keep going up and it will be interesting to see what Streamlight has in store for its customers later in the year.

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