RIANOV’s Latest Weapon Mounted Ballistic Computer


Long range precision shooters need to concern themselves with a number of variables that affect exterior ballistics and/or create errors between point of aim and point of impact. A number of approaches from several manufacturers offer integration of environmental sensors with ballistic calculation, or smart device based ballistic apps. However, none are tightly coupled to the weapon system itself. Currently, inclination needs to be determined by an accessory called the Cosine Indicator, and weapon cant is controlled by using a level attached to the magnified optic or the mounting rail. A handheld ballistic computer requires that the operator manually insert the inclination angle. Why is inclination important?

Your weapon is zeroed on a flat surface or 0 degrees of incline. If you need to engage a target above or below your position, in order to arrive at the equivalent horizontal range, the shooter must multiply the line of sight range by the cosine of the inclination angle. The effects of inclination angle become more critical as range to the target increases.  So, for example, if your line of sight to the target is 500 yards and your inclination angle is 30 degrees, you multiply 500 x 0.866 = 433 yds. The shooter would adjust his or her elevation not for 500 yds. but for 433 yds. The same holds true for declination, the calculation is exactly the same. Weapon cant is insidious, and the only solution is to eliminate cant all together with the bubble level or include cant in the ballistic calculation. Both of these variables are best dealt with using a sensor that is tightly coupled to the weapon system to eliminate human measuring and estimation error.

Atlanta based RIANOV introduced at SOFIC 2014 in Tampa, its EAGLE GEN II ballistic computer. The EAGLE computer attaches to the mounting rail, or the magnified optic, and captures environmental data, except for wind direction and speed, along with the inclination angle and weapon cant. The RIANOV system stores information on 16 weapon systems and supports truing functions based on the shooters data, commonly referred to as DOPE. The end result is a comprehensive ballistic calculation; leaving the shooter to account only for the wind vector.



  • Scope Mounted Ballistic Computer
  • Simple Truing function based on the shooters DOPE
  • Stores information for 16 Weapon Systems
  • Remote Keypad (User inputs)
  • Automatically captures required environmental data –
    Barometric Pressure
    Uphill/Downhill angle
    Cant angle
  • M.S.R.P. $750
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