Patria Weapon Systems Unveils NEMO Trainer Simulator


5d475603The NEMO trainer is designed to simulate PWS’ 120mm turret mounted mortar system NEMO. The simulator can be operated as a stand-alone trainer or linked to a Patria Armored Modular Vehicle (AMV). In the later arrangement, the AMV would send targeting information to the NEMO turret system.

Patria’s design objective is to simulate a broad array of scenarios in which the NEMO turret could be employed. Patria went to great lengths designing a trainer that duplicates NEMO’s actual operating software, as well as its controls and fire management system panels and displays. Although the lion’s share of the training experience is built on custom in-house code, the core development environment is COTS VBS2 (Virtual Battle Space 2). The IP based simulator offers a broad spectrum of networked installations. The networking component of the simulators design allows the instructor to manage and environment of any number of interconnected trainers so platoon level simulation and training can be achieved in the most realistic manner possible.

Although Patria, in the near term, will focus on NEMO specific simulation, looking at the simulators architecture it seems quite reasonable that other systems could be developed at a customer’s request.

Contact Information:

Patria Oyj

Kaivokatu 10 A
FI-00100 Helsinki
Fax: +358 20 469 2022

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