Raytheon’s Excalibur S Undergoes First Successful Live Fire Test

The Excalibur S is a 155mm munition with a dual guidance system. The variant is built on the highly effective Excalibur 155 mm projectile.

The new munition is  GPS-guided ;with a new guidance and navigation unit (GNU) and a semi-active laser (SAL) targeting capability. The addition of the SAL seeker allows the munition to attack moving targets, attack targets that have re-positioned after firing, or change the impact point to avoid casualties and collateral damage.

By using two targeting systems, the Excalibur S can be operated reliably in GPS denied areas. The projectile can be guided with a laser designator or redirected in flight to avoid collateral damage or fratricide.

Excalibur S is the product of a joint development effort between Raytheon and BAE Systems BOFORS. Existing  customers with 1b (M982A1) variants in inventory will be allowed to upgrade their existing munitions with GPS and LST capability.

Raytheon has also confirmed that LST capability may also be incorporated into the 5in Excalibur naval munition variant, Excalibur N5, which is currently under development and is expected to undergo a live fire demonstration later this year.

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