Beretta’s i-Protect System

i-Protect represents a state of the art digitization of the operator, his or her weapon system and geo referenced information to provide a more complete command and control picture down to the individual level.


i-Protect requires the use of a weapon system infused with sensors and a rail mounted Bluetooth device that doubles as a weapon mounted light. Sensors in the weapon system sense a number of conditions such as hammer is cocked, round in the chamber, safety is on or off, remaining rounds and other conditions. All of these conditions as well as changes in conditions generate alarms, which are then transmitted via Bluetooth to a smart device. None of the sensors, interfere with the operation of the firearm, they simply sense a condition and create an alarm. The App running on the smart device then transmits those alarms to command and control centers over 3G or 4G networks.

To be fully functional, the operator is also required to wear a shirt with several sensors sewn into the fabric. They monitor heart rate, body temperature, breathing as well as body position. This data is also transmitted to the smart device via Bluetooth.

By knowing the operators condition and the condition of his or her weapon system command and control centers, using specialized software, can better assess the situation and respond to operator needs in near real-time. The system is futuristic, but it has enormous potential in delivering timely analysis and support to law enforcement were complex scenarios like foot pursuit, officer down, weapon drawn or any number of situations where officers are potentially at risk and require help.

i-Protect was first introduced at Milipol 2013 and is currently in use with Italian Police.



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Gardone Val Trompia
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