MEPRO Meslas and LRF Modules


MEPRO has been steadily adding to its electro optical line with integrated targeting systems like its new MESLAS and the growing array of eye safe erbium glass LRF modules like its LRF-20-70.

Of particular interest to our readers is the MESLAS, an integrated fire-control package consisting of a 10×40 day optic, with laser based built in range finding capabilities designed for sniper rifles. MESLAS’ engine is its eye-safe single-pulse laser rangefinder (1.54 μm, invisible to night vision devices). The MESLAS includes a ballistic computer that takes inclination angle, derived from the LRF and environmental data (optional feature) to arrive at a firing solution.

LRF Modules


MEPRO LRF 20-70 Specifications

• Laser Type – erbium glass
• Laser beam wavelength – 1.54µm 
• Laser Pulse Energy Average – 3mj
• Repetition rate (continuous/burst) – 1pps
• Ranges – 75m-20.000m
                                      • Environmental MIL-STD- 810F



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