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For the Kalashnikov fan, and I consider myself to be part of that group, Concern Kalashnikov’s exhibit was something to get moist over. Concern Kalashnikov, is part of the Rostec State Corporation, it was once know as Izhmash. Currently It is a well diversified firearms manufacturer who’s product lines include both military and commercial small arms as well as guided munitions. When the new firm was created, the Russian government folded Izhmash in with the Izhevsk Mechanical Factory. Future additions to the Concern Klashnikov family will include Molot, Koshkin KBAL and Progress NITI.

Some of the weapon systems on display included:

  1. SVD and SVDS DRAGUNOV sniper rifles
  2. SV-98 and
  3. SV-99 sniper rifles,
  4. Kalashnikov rifles 7.62×39, 5.45×39, 5.56×45
  5. VITYAZ-SN submachine gun
  6. 18.5 KSK combat shotgun, KRASNOPOL, and KITOLOV-2M artillery guided weapon systems.
  7. GP-34 under barrel grenade launcher.
  8. YARYGIN pistol (9×19)
  9. Makarov PMM (updated with 10 and 12 round capacity)
  10. PSM pistol (5.45×18 self-loading, 8 round)

Kalashnikov Eurosatory

Concern Kalashnikov: Booth 238 Hall 6

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  1. ensitue says:

    It would be great if the Kalashnikov web site translated to English (as the button is supposed to do) so that we fans could drool, as we gaze upon the wonder of Russian small arms design


  2. Alex says:

    Can the GP-34 Underbarrel Laumcher be used for any conventional model of the AK47


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