EUROSATORY 2014 Comes To A Close

EUROSATORY is the largest military defense exhibition in the world. This year it was even larger with over 1500 exhibitors of which 70% are international firms. Every sector of the global defense industrial fabric is represented; attendees experienced everything from circuit board assemblies to some of the world largest land vehicles, and everything between. Tanks, helicopters, UAV, UGV were all gathered at Paris’ Parc de Exposition in the Vilapinte. The exposure to the worlds most advanced military technology alone is worth the trip, but the icing on the cake remains Paris, one of the world’s great cities.

Other than specific product knowledge gained during your visit, one important and at times not subtle detail a visitor takes away from this year’s exhibition, is that the global defense industry is feeling the effects of dwindling military budgets. In this environment, you can expect global competition for sales to heat up and US manufacturer’s are looking increasingly towards exports to meet revenue objectives. Countries, like Turkey and Russia, will increasingly become serious players in global defense exports. There is a silver lining in the dark cloud of budget constraints and that is innovation driven by a need to compete in the global defense market. You can look no further than the French Industrial sector, which accounts for over € 7 billion in exports, and growing. In this milieu, expect to see winners, losers and consolidations at an accelerated pace, but the name of the game will remain exports, exports and more exports.

For those who did not make it to Eurosatory 2014 this video clip will give you a glimpse of what was truly an exceptional event.

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