FN Herstal Moves Closer To Integrating Weapon Mounted Systems With Modern Technology

FH Herstal Powered Rail Eurosatory 2014

Beretta is not the only major developer / manufacturer that is advancing weapon mounted systems integration via a powered rail with a high speed data buss. FH Herstal has got some serious plans for their highly regarded SCAR rifle.

The FN TASAM™ (Target Acquisition & Situational Awareness Module) uses interoperability of all components of the weapon to provide a number of advanced combat and C4i capabilities – in day and night conditions: situational awareness of both soldier and platoon (using the GPS), target acquisition (using a laser range finder and a camera), and data transfer within the platoon or to higher levels of command (using the FN SmartCore(R) shot counter and communication network such as Bluetooth, wireless or 3G). FN TASAM, FN SAM™ (Small Arms Management) and other projects digitizing the battlespace from the soldier up are being developed under the FN e-novation™ umbrella.

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