Israel’s TAR Ideal Concepts Ltd.– Predator


Is this the warrior of the future or a clever trick to get you to stop at the exhibit. Whatever the intentions, you have to hand it to Israel’s TAR Ideal Concepts Ltd. for fresh ingenuity. TAR’s Predator garnered a great deal of attention at Eurosatory 2014. He may have also been a huge hit at Chez Raspoutine. All kidding aside you have to admit that it’s pretty damned cool.

TAR Ideal Concepts Ltd. was established in 1990; since then, the company has been growing and is now a global defense contracting company.

TAR  sees itself as a  client orientated One Stop Shop, that strives to build and maintain a close relationship as a prime vendor with all of its customers. TAR, focuses on delivering fully customized turnkey solutions, from Risk Analysis, defense systems, and equipment to training, tailored to meet our customers’ most challenging needs.

TAR provides equipment and training in the fields of:

  • Counter-Terrorism.
  • Bulletproof and Ballistic Protection.
  • Riot & Crowd Control.
  • Ground Forces & Tactical Gear.
  • Weapons and Ammunition.
  • K9: Attack, Drug Detection, Explosive Detection, Search and Rescue.
  • Intelligence Gathering.
  • EOD-IED.
  • CBRN
  • Homeland Security.
  • Rappelling.
  • S.W.A.T
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