TEK Military Seating LLP


TEK Military SeatingTEK Seating was formed 40 years ago by the Fleming family to support low to medium volume bus, coach, truck, agricultural, material handling, construction and specialist vehicle convertors (work vehicles) with OEM specification vehicle seating. Paul Fleming, MD, is at the helm and oversees all three divisions – TEK Military Seating, TEK Seating and SitSmart, (office seating business).

TEK Military Seating is a UK-based military vehicle seat manufacturer specializing in both vehicle upgrades and new build projects. Some of its products…

Vehicle Upgrades –  COTS components, which include Sliders, Seat Frames, Suspension Units, Seat Risers, Pedestals, Trim Fabrics, Military Harnesses and side body/head protection units, most components meet M1/M2 standard.

New Build – The ProTEK® line of seating has been designed for functionality, flexibility and protection for most types of military vehicle. The modular design of Crew, Drivers and Commanders seating offers superior blast protection to STANAG 4569 AEP-55. The Stack System allows platform configuration to be changed within minutes from troop carrier, to ambulance, command, communications, as units can be interchangeable.

Utility products – Universal Vehicle Stowage Systems, NATO specification Canvas/PVC covers for vehicles, Guns, Generators, and Winterizing Kits for most types of vehicle.

TEK Military Seating Llp is  ISO 9001 – 2008 certified.

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