Elbit Systems Adds New Capabilities To Its Line Of Long-Range Observation, Target Acquisition and Laser Designation Systems


I’ve been following Elbit Systems for a few years now and in that time, I’ve seen continuous innovation and refinement to a product line that ranks as one of the best in the world. At this year’s EUROSATORY, in Paris, Elbit Systems announced the launch of its new, highly advanced Long View CR-D (LVCR-D).

The new LVCR-D is based around the tried and true LVCR, a highly advanced and effective system with a unique ability to acquire long-range targets or to observe small targets, such as enemy fighters, in high resolution under severe visual conditions day or night. It combines a very long-range continuous optical zoom FLIR, long-range day cameras, integral eye- safe laser range finder, GPS, magnetic compass and a built-in target data management, all-in-one compact configuration.

In the new LVCR-D, Elbit Systems added a diode-pumped laser designator, which minimizes the risks of collateral damage. The LVCR-D is ideal for optimal guidance of munitions. The new system incorporates automatic laser beam spillover detection and analysis, as well as a correction mechanism to avoid laser-spot spillover from the target, for both short and long ranges.

The LVCR-D is packaged for fixed or dismounted operations, yielding an advanced system with outstanding tactical capabilities and advantages.  Elbit’s LVCR-D is considered among the most-advanced long-range targeting acquisition systems available in the market.

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