Liberty Ammunition Has A July Deal For You.

From July 4th through July 31st, 2014 receive 15% off all online purchases at In addition, individuals will receive a FREE Liberty Ammunition T-shirt if the order totals over $100. This is a $15 value free of charge! All orders over $200 will receive FREE SHIPPING (does not include handling fees).

Available for purchase on the Liberty Ammunition online store includes products such as: Silverado .223 Rem, Civil Defense .45 ACP +P, Civil Defense 9mm +P, Civil Defense .380 Auto, Civil Defense .40 S&W, Civil Defense .38 Special, Liberty Ammunition T-shirts, hats and clear ballistic gel blocks. To make a purchase from Liberty Ammunition, please visit

I reviewed the company’s lead free .223 and achieved very impressive results. This is a high performance round with excellent terminal ballistics and accuracy. This is not your grandma’s .223.

Ammo Review: Liberty Ammo Silverado Lead-Free .223 Hunting Round.

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