Artist Conception, Or Could It Be TALOS Mod 0 ?


I thought it might be a good way to open Monday morning with the cover photo from the July 2014 issue of Popular Science Magazine. The picture you see may be much closer to a first rendition of TALOS (Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit), a USSOCOM initiative launched in May 2013. TALOS is Admiral William McRaven’s project, and if it flies it could very well revolutionize the modern warrior.

In concept, TALOS relies on a powered exoskeleton that provides the operator with superior strength, agility, ballistic protection and integration of situational awareness displays. The project is a joint venture with industry, academia and Main Street shady tree developers.

I’m excited about TALOS and I’ll have more to say as it becomes less concept and more reality. However, at this stage of the game I have a number of questions; least of which is single point of failure vulnerabilities and what happens if you need to make a stealthy approach against an Abu Sayyaf jungle hideout. Perhaps TALOS will be just another tool in SOCOM’s arsenal, but one thing remains certain, it will revolutionize modern warfare.

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