DKX Advanced Manufacturing–Ballistic Plates Made Of Dyneema.


If you’re an active participant in the shooting sports, owning and using ballistic protection is an excellent safety precaution. Level IIIA plates are effective against direct hits from pistol rounds up to and including the .44 magnum. Until a couple of years ago, Level IIIA plates were not common and individuals relied on Kevlar soft armor panels for protection. However, as comfortable as soft armor is, you always had to consider the effects of blunt trauma, which is the brute force impact from a bullet strike. A Kevlar vest prevents bullet penetration but not blunt trauma, and that could result in broken ribs and/or bruising.

To protect from blunt trauma you had to use a non-ballistic, usually steel, plate in conjunction with your soft body armor. DKX Advanced Manufacturing recognized the need for a more effective Level IIIA protection but with the weight and comfort characteristics of soft armor panels. So, they created the DKX IIIA plate. These plates are approximately .25 inch thick, have a neutral buoyancy and weigh in at 20 ounces for the square cut and 16 ounces for the shooter’s cut plate.

The DKX product is gaining serious momentum in the market for its performance, minimalist weight, comfort and durability. So, if you are in the market for ballistic protection, I highly recommend the DKX IIIA plates as a superior alternative to soft armor.

DKX Advanced Manufacturing

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