Gear Review: CSE Gear Low Profile Plate Carrier Kit–DKX Level IIIA



If it looks or sounds like I’m proselytizing, it’s only because I feel strongly about how well this kit works for the average citizen who may want to exercise some level of caution when participating in the shooting sports. Today’s shooters are athletes in every respect; often running obstacles, firing under time constraints and dealing with distractors. Rapidly disappearing are the days of sitting behind the firing line with your support hand sticking in a back pocket while methodically shooting at a 25 yard piece of paper. So, there is a legitimate reason to own and wear ballistic protection, and in my review I share an event with you that cemented my belief.

I had the opportunity to check out a Level IIIA package, offered by DKX Advanced Manufacturing and Critical Safety Equipment LLc, that is outstanding and I’d like to share my impressions with you. It addresses every aspect of basic law enforcement and civilian shooter needs in a low profile, light weight ballistic package.

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2 Responses to Gear Review: CSE Gear Low Profile Plate Carrier Kit–DKX Level IIIA

  1. Great thoughts and valid points there, Sal!
    There are hunter deaths here in New Zealand every year, due to buck fever mostly.
    DKX have produced a product that would save a few of those fatalities, because the plates are so light to carry in daypacks.
    I am awaiting loosening of proposed ITAR regs in July or August, so that New Zealanders can legally buy DKX products.


    • Stu, they really do produce and excellent ballistic plate . I went for a swim with the DKX MAX III and they, in fact, have positive buoyancy. I’d say in the neighborhood of 3 pounds, or so. At least they wont weigh you down until you can get out of your carrier. The Level IV stuff is about 7 lbs each not to mention side plates. The DKX MAX IIIA, which as the name implies are Level IIIA plates, will even stop 00 buckshot.
      Very effective, so by all means keep that thought alive. It makes a great deal of sense.
      Thanks for your comment.


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