DeerLab And Bushnell Team To Increase A Hunter’s Odds


Bushnell is a pioneer in trail cam technology. The trail cam allows property owners to install geo referenced cameras throughout their property. These cameras, many of which are wireless, provide the property owner with day and night video and still images of wildlife. These images can then be analyzed to determine the most productive area to hunt. As advanced as this technology is what was lacking is a systematic approach to profiling specific game.

For example, let’s say you’re a rancher and you determine that a mountain lion or coyote is hitting your herd. You deploy Bushnell Trophy HD cameras throughout your property and begin collecting photo and video images. You identify the culprit to be a mountain lion, and he appears at various locations on your property, as captured by different cameras. Where are your best chances of dispatching the animal.

To best do this, you need a way to process your photos under software control so that you can tag photos and develop a profile that shows you where your best chances are for catching the animal.  DeerLab is the resource that will do this for you. It is web based so it is platform agnostic. Use it with a tablet, PC, laptop or other smart device.

The Bushnell / DeerLab partnership provides Trophy Cam customers with a free one-month DeerLab trial and discounted subscription offer.

DeerLab simplifies the management and analysis of trail camera photos, helping hunters more effectively pattern deer and hunt smarter. Their app helps hunters understand patterns of specific animals at various camera locations, and simplifies the previously laborious process of managing thousands of trail camera images from numerous cameras and properties. The web-based service, accessible from a computer, tablet or smart phone, automatically synchronizes photos with comprehensive local weather data and allows hunters to easily filter photos by camera, date, weather condition, specific deer, moon phase and more. In addition, DeerLab identifies which cameras are capturing specific deer, the time of day the deer are most active, and when they show up at a particular camera, helping the hunter identify when and where to hunt.

Far be it for me to suggest this but it seems to be a great tool for property owners suffering from poachers in and around our southern borders.

This video will show you just how powerful of a tool DeerLab is.

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