SECTOR 4: Extraction


SECTOR 4: Extraction

Well its quite likely that you’ll feel better about contracting Ebola than watch this movie. This had to be the product of a bunch of airsofters and filmed with a Blackberry – oh wait, they don’t have cameras, well neither did these guys. Had they shot it on an iPhone it would have been better. What editing or postproduction?

The story is about an “elite” band of mercenaries (read PMCs) caught in Afghanistan after F18’s mistakenly drop ordnance on a team of 4. One escapes from captivity, after a cage fight with 4 Taliban guards; taking the last one out with a sankaku hold then escaping into the desert where he spends most of his time looking up at the sun while trying to unsuccessfully die; only to be rescued by one of two helos that happened to be passing by.

I’m not suggesting that you save your money, or anything like that, but I’m sorry to say that it was bad to the point of being hilarious.

If you do watch it, I’d be interested in knowing if the helmet worn by Nash is a skateboard bump helmet, and what you thought of Nash taking on 4 Army Delta that stopped him in the Afghan hills while looking for Bin Laden.

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