Ed Brown’s Limited Edition Krypteia

Krypteia Limited Edition

Ed Brown Products, Inc. in collaboration with Krypteia Strategies, the civilian division of the highly respected Paratus Consulting Group, has introduced a limited edition 1911. This limited edition pistol is called the “Krypteia Edition”, pronounced “Cryp TIE ya”, and is built according to Krypteia Strategies specifications.

Krypteia Strategies works closely with current Military and Law Enforcement units to ensure that their training and skill sets are unmatched when they step foot on the battlefield. Krypteia gathered information, feedback and opinions from Tier 1 operational units in Military and Law Enforcement in order to help spec out a handgun that would outperform anything else on the market.

Krypteia Strategies has chosen the specs for this pistol based on the needs of the modern operator. Every part of this handgun is specifically designed to be utilized in today’s operational environments by today’s leading operators. Krypteia has taken the classic design of the 1911 and enhanced it with the options that matter most to the modern day operator. From the oversized magwell for faster, more consistent reloads, the aggressive Chainlink II pattern on the grip that is perfect for gloved or wet hands, and the front and rear serrated slide for press checks and hasty return to battery, this pistol has everything needed to be utilized in combat theaters around the globe.

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