Christensen Arms® Launches New Website



Christensen Arms®, manufacturers of superior hunting, tactical and sport shooting firearms utilizing the latest in carbon fiber technologies, is proud to announce the launch of a complete redesign of the Christensen Arms website, The refresh offers customers a brighter, modern wide-screen view with large product category images on the homepage.

Products are separated into Bolt Rifles, MSR, 1911 Handguns and the new Component division. Under each product category, a customer can quickly locate a model series for more in-depth information. Both the Bolt Rifles and MSR categories include links to the custom shops that allows the customer to personally select the specific components for their firearms. Whether it’s a build from the ground up or custom finishes or colors or components, the Christensen Arms Custom Shop is where every firearm produced is a unique reflection of its owner.

The Christensen Arms online store offers a wide selection of Christensen Arms carbon handguards, carbon and steel barrels, gun cases, slings and logo wear.

Christensen Arms not only offers custom firearms, they also offer upgrades and services to guns other than Christensen Arms firearms, including installation of carbon-fiber barrels, stocks, muzzle brakes, action/bolt work, Rem 700 conversions and much more.

The website also provides customers with support features, such as warranty registration, downloadable owner’s manuals, FAQ’s and how to return your firearms for servicing.

Under the About Us Section, customers will not only find the story behind Christensen Arms and their legacy, but for those still undecided customers there are plenty of testimonials, articles and press materials to convince them that owning a Christensen Arms firearm will provide a lifetime of enjoyment and become tomorrow’s family heirloom.

To keep up with Christensen Arms, customers can opt-in to a newsletter that will offer new product information, hunting and shooting sports news and tips, customer stories and videos and promotions.

For more on Christensen Arms, visit their website or join the conversation on Facebook.

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