High Speed Gear (HSGI) Announces A New and Improved TACO Pouch.



High Speed Gear (HSGI)  announced its launch of an improvement TACO® line of pouches.  All TACO® pouches that utilize an injected molded bracket will have the following improvements implemented.

  • Each bracket is now 1/8th inch longer creating higher feed ramps for easier indexing and reinsertion of magazines.
  • Increased the size of and beveled the eye hole for easier tension adjustment. 
  • Adjusted the proportion of all edges and corners


“The bracket is one of the most crucial and unique parts of our TACO® pouches.  It keeps the pouch open when empty and allows the user to index magazines for easy reinsertion.  By improving the bracket, it will allow for improved performance. Implementation was made across the board and the polymer material utilized retains the same strength as previous versions.”


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