LaserLyte V4 Compact Laser Now Available in Tan

When LaserLyte first introduced the V4 FSL-4T Compact Laser it was only available in black. LaserLyte is now offering the V4 Laser in Desert Tan.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out this tiny laser aiming module you really need to do that for several reasons. First, it’s ideal for a conceal carry pistol. Second, it can be easily activated with either the support hand or with your index finger as you come out of your holster. Lastly, it is an inexpensive solution to a basic problem of how to index your target in close quarters or close proximity. Check it out!

LaserLyte® V4 Laser FSL-4T Specifications:

  • Compatible Firearms:  Handguns with at least one-inch Picatinny rail
  • Power Output:  650NM, 5MW, Class IIIA
  • Programmable:  Dual mode, constant on and pulse mode.
  • Body Housing:  55% Glass Filled Nylon for durability
  • Interior Material:  6061 aluminum core for reliability
  • Batteries:  4 x 392
  • Battery Life:  Actual usage 5 hours constant on, 10 hours pulse mode
  • Body Color:  Tan
  • Weight:  .75 ounces/0.021 kg
  • Length:  1.11 inches/2.8 cm
  • Width:  1.08 inches/ 2.74 cm
  • Height:  .76 inches/1.93 cm    
  • MSRP:  $109.95
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