MG Industries Introduces the Hydra Vipera AK-47 Model Pistol

MG Industries, introduced the Hydra Vipera AK-47 pistol model featuring all of the quick-change, multi-caliber capabilities of the original Hydra rifle. The popular 7.62×39 caliber Vipera configuration allows the operator to use standard AK-47 magazines.

“Vipera refers to the genus of venomous and deadly snakes,” Mack Gwinn, President of MG Industries explained. “We thought the name fitting of this new Hydra model. It has all the modular benefits and capabilities of the full-size platform but on a close-quarter, compact platform.”

The Vipera AK-47 is completely modular and interchangeable with components of the Hydra Modular Rifle System and upcoming caliber additions to the Vipera line. The 7.62×39 Hydra Vipera comes standard with the MGI Enhanced AK Firing System and barrel with a low profile gas block. The Enhanced AK Firing System includes a firing pin and bolt that more closely mimics a true AK-47 firing system with greater reliability and all on a pistol platform. Standard AK-47 magazines eject from the mag well with only one hand, atypical of traditional AK-47 style rifles.

The MARCK-15 Hydra Vipera is the first and only truly modular pistol that can convert into multiple calibers in just minutes. Designed by an industry innovator and Veteran, the MARCK-15 Hydra Vipera is the obvious choice for individuals wanting more caliber choices on one platform. The MGI Hydra Vipera AK-47 pistol has a suggested retail price of $1289.00

For more information, visit or your local retailer. Retailers, contact MGI at to find out more about carrying the most modular pistol system in the world.

MGI Hydra Vipera AK-47 Pistol Specifications:

  • Caliber:                                            7.62×39
  • Overall Length:                                 24 inches
  • Overall Height:                                 7 inches
  • Overall Width:                                  2.5 inches
  • Barrel Length:                                   7.5 Inches
  • Weight:                                            5.5lbs
  • Magazine Type/Cap:                        Standard AK-47 magazine
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