First Spear Fight Strap. Home Run!

There’s no more effective weapon for shipboard and close quarters operations than the SMG or PDW. Weight, maneuverability, volume of fire and portability are unsurpassed period! For example, weapon systems like the Kriss Vector or FNH P90 are capable of up to 1200 rounds per minute in a package with an overall length of 20 inches or so. The P90, for example, firing SS190 ammunition, at 900 rpm, is capable of penetrating NIJ III body armor at its maximum effective range of 200 yds; when you consider its 50 round magazine capacity, you have an impressive capability.

First Spear LLC has introduced a bandoleer magazine portage system, sold as the Fight Strap, that is eminently qualified for grab and go defensive situations, as well as close quarters. It means that you can be jocked up and hot within a couple of minutes – NOT 20! First Strap is worn a la man purse with a waist strap and I couldn’t think of a better way to accessorize your favorite slick for that ultimate fashion statement.

First Spear offers the First Strap for P90, MP5, UMP, M4 5.56, 7.62 and AK-47. They are available in all of the tactical colors including Multicam. If you buy one of these, First Spear will also pickup the cost of shipping on your entire order.

M.S.R.P. $78.26 and they can be ordered directly from First Spear LLC

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