Ripple Effect XRGL40 Extended Range Grenade Launcher


When Ripple Effect first introduced the MSGL40, we were extremely impressed with its compactness and weight. It was certainly smaller and lighter than any multi-round grenade launcher currently in production. Ripple Effect now has the world’s first, fully qualified, 4th generation launcher, independently verified to hit targets consistently and accurately at 800m ranges. The XRGL40® can be used with both standard types of 40x46mm low-velocity (LV) and medium velocity (MV) 40x51mm ammunition, as well as non-lethal. The launcher can also be used in a pinpoint role at ranges up to 250m.

It weighs a mere 5 kg and is lighter and more compact than any other NATO qualified multi-shot grenade launcher on the market today.

  • Length (stock closed) 680 mm
  • Length (stock open) 770 mm
  • Weight (empty) 4.9kg
  • Height sight fitted 270mm
  • Width 150mm
  • Length of barrel 260 mm
  • Calibre 40 x 46mm and 40 x 51mm ammunition
  • Effective range 375m with 40 x 46mm ammunition
    800m with 40 x 51 ammunition
  • Cylinder length 136 mm
  • Rifling R.H. twist, progressing from 0 to1 turn in 1.2m
  • Magazine type Rotating cylinder
  • Cylinder capacity 6 rounds of less than 138mm in length
  • Mode of fire Percussion
  • Sight See sighting options
  • Surface treatment Gunkote SCK6
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