IWI Israel Launched New Folding Sights For Tavor and X95 Systems.

IWI, Ltd announced new foldable stainless steel sights for the Tavor rifle and X95 systems. The new sights will mount on the rifle’s Picatinny rail and mimic the M4 style peep hole rear and the adjustable front sight post. The new sights will be included as part of the Tavor and X95 package. As of this writing, IWI has no plans to remove the built in sights already included; thus, allowing for a backup arrangement.

We’re certainly happy to see the addition of new sights because they provide the operator with the ability to co-witness a reflex sight with his iron sights. Because they’re removable, more elaborate optics and/or targeting systems will sit nicely on the Tavor’s top rail.

I have to assume that IWI USA will be making them available to U.S. Tavor SAR customers in the not too distant future.

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