Australia Moves Ahead With The Thales F90



There’s been a lot of hot air floating around ( from people claiming to have an “inside” track) that Australia was abandoning the AUG concept and looking for a new combat rifle. Well…

Thales Australia announced that the F90 has achieved Provisional Design Acceptance for Australia’s LAND 125 program, as part of its Soldier Modernization Program. The decision comes after an extensive testing period of over one million rounds fired.
The F90 is a maneuverable and compact bullpup design which moves the weapon’s center of mass closer to the shoulder and allows for a longer barrel length. Longer barrel lengths translate to increased accuracy, higher muzzle velocities with greater lethality. This is all accomplished without increasing the overall length of the weapon. The F90 includes a quick attach / detach 40 mm grenade launcher.

Speaking to the media, Kevin Wall, vice president armaments, Thales Australia, said: ‘This is a major milestone in the F90 story. Backed by over a century of military weapons experience, Thales’s Lithgow facility will now begin manufacturing F90 rifles as part of a de-risking exercise designed to smooth the transition in production from the existing in-service weapon to the F90.’

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