STARK Introduces A New Rifle Grip


The new Stark Equipment Basic Rifle Upgrade offers all of the innovative ergonomics of Stark Pistol grips at a low cost. This new BRU retails for $19.95. The BRU has no integral trigger guard, which allows for installation on any AR rifle, including billet receivers. Shooters who prefer to retain the original trigger guard on their rifle will appreciate this easier to install, lower price grip.
As the company’s standard AR grip, the angle of the grip is more natural for your hands, closer to a 90-degree angle, allowing the shooter’s arms to stay tighter to the body with the wrist straighter. The hand stop located at the upper back strap locks the hand in at the same position and the index finger at the same angle to the trigger every time for consistent shot placement. The grip geometry of this textured, black grip is identical to all Stark Pistol grips, without the soft coating or internal storage plug, providing a low cost rifle upgrade.

  • Textured surfaces for a reliable grip
  • Resistant to weather, chemical exposure and abuse
  • Available in black only
  • Hardware included
  • Fits standard M16/M-4/AR-15 rifle platforms
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