The Carl-Gustav MAAWS M4 Is Now A Reality


It’s been about a year and a half since we talked about USSOCOM’s requirement for a lighter and improved version of the Carl-Gustav  84mm MAAWS. Well,  SAAB has unveiled the latest generation of its highly acclaimed MAAWS addressing SOCOM’s requirements to a T.

The M4 version weighs less than 7kg and it is overall length has been significantly reduced to less than 1000 mm. Saab has also added an intelligent sighting system that will improve accuracy.

The official Carl-Gustav M4 product launch will take place at the AUSA exhibition in Washington D. C. on 13-15 October 2014.

Carl-Gustav M4 Specifics

  • (+ comparison with previous models)
    M2: Weight: 14.2kg Length: 1130mm
    M3: Weight: 10kg Length: 1065mm
    M4: Weight: <7kg Length: <1000mm
  • LIGHTER: Builds upon the success of its predecessor by offering an even shorter length and a weight of less than 7 kilos.
  • INTELLIGENT SIGHT: Compatible with intelligent sight systems, ensuring maximum effect in any tactical situation.
  • IMPROVED ERGONOMICS: Overall improved ergonomics enables soldiers to adjust the weapon to suit them and includes an adjustable shoulder rest and front grip.
  • REDUCED ACTION TIME: Can be carried safely loaded to enable the user to act faster.
  • ROUND COUNTER: Integrated shot counter for improved logistics and maintenance.
  • FLEXIBLE: A wide range of ammunition types and sight options ensures unique flexibility for the multi-role Carl-Gustav M4 user.

More information:

If you are unfamiliar with the Carl-Gustav system the following two videos will get you up to speed. We think it’s a tremendous system that is light, man-portable, reusable ( unlike the AT4), supported by a variety of munitions.

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