DARPA Is Looking For Next Generation Night Vision Goggles


Citing soldier health concerns and the growing availability of commercial  I 2 night vision optics, the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) wants industry to develop lighter, more compact and more advanced night vision goggles for the military.

U.S. Special Operations Command will serve as the acquisition agency for the program. Below are  the requirements outline by DARPA in the next generation NVGs

  1. Form Factor and Appearance that blends with commercial sunglasses/eyewear, coverage of both eyes preferable
  2. Volume less than or equal to twice that of commercial sunglasses/eyewear
  3. Weight less than current visual augmentation systems
  4. Power greater than 24 hours run time on one charge, with power source included in weight metric
  5. Cost of less than $5000 in volume of 1000 or more
  6. Visual Acuity of Snellen 20/20 at clear starlight to direct day sun over 90-degree vertical and 120-degree horizontal field of view (FOV)
  7. Low latency (photon in to receipt by eye) of less than or equal to 2ms
  8. Supports interface with tactical computing elements and communications systems, to include the transmission of sound and video to other team members
  9. 6 Axis Inertial Measurement Unit, Compass, GPS
  10. Interoperable external data and power interfaces
  11. Withstand Military Specifications for environmental, EMI, and ballistics

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