Hesco Bastion, Inc. Acquires A Controlling Interest In Reed Composite Solutions (RCS)

Hesco Bastion Inc., Charleston, SC. recently announced it acquired a controlling interest in Reed Composite Solutions (RCS), Aberdeen, WA.  We’ve been talking about the upcoming consolidation in the Defense Sector for quite sometime, some of it which is driven by government budget constraints and others represent an natural progression to leverage comparative advantages and eliminate redundancies. This is happening across the board as we speak.

The Hesco Bastion / RCS transaction is a natural with countless pluses. RCS has considerable expertise in body armor, panels and infrastructure protection panels. Hesco is a leading manufacturer of barriers for defensive and natural disaster applications. The combined company adds significant value to the market and its stakeholders.

Stephanie Victory, Chief Executive of Hesco Bastion, Inc. says: “We owe our freedom, everyday, to military and law enforcement personnel. Hesco can now go further in our mission to protect the protectors and keep the country safe by proudly offering the men and women of America another trusted HESCO® protection product.”

These ballistic plates have a strong following among regional law enforcement and have also been chosen by the US Departments of Defense, Homeland Security, Justice and State because of their outstanding performance and light weight characteristics.

Ryan Reed, RCS President, adds, “The Reed business seamlessly fits into the Hesco vision to defend and protect both our heroes and civilian populations and we are excited to be a key part of the development of the Hesco brand in the future.”

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