MGI’s New 9mm Hydra Feeds On Glock Magazines

MGI’s long-awaited 9mm Hydra rifle, designed to use GLOCK® magazines, is now out and available. This configuration of MGI’s Hydra Modular Weapon System uses standard 9mm GLOCK® and GLOCK® style magazines.

The 9mm Hydra comes standard with a 16-inch interchangeable barrel, MGI’s QCB upper receiver and modular lower receiver. It is made from 7075 aluminum and uses standard Mil-Spec internal parts. It is completely modular and interchangeable as part of MGI’s ever growing family of multi-caliber Hydras.

The 9mm MGI Hydra MARCK-15 rifle has a suggested retail price of $1,299.00 and  ships to in a standard, hard-sided, lockable pistol case.

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