AUSA 2014 Winter Symposium (Feb 2014)

If you are a planner or product developer for your company, you’ll want to sit through this video library. The importance of developing products and technologies that specifically address the needs and solve the problems presented by these panels will be critical to your success. As many of you already know the heady days since 9/11 are gone and the stark realities of budget crunches and downsizing are upon us. Yet, interestingly enough, the demands being place on the Joint Services are still increasing. That translates to “do more for less;” be that unrealistic expectations by the Legislative and Executive Branches, or a demand that Services start planning and functioning more efficiently is a question for political scientists to answer; however, the reality to your business is that if you are to succeed, you must know and understand the needs and solve the problems.

This series of 19, or so, videos are enlightening and good to know.

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